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Server Link Application

In order to link a server to the MagicStar Network you must fulfill every requirement. If you do not your server will be dropped from all applications, till the requirement is filled. You must also agree to the terms of the agreement. If your server meets the requirements, fill out the form below, and it will be sent to all the admins of the MagicStar network. YOUR SERVER MUST BE UP 24 HOURS a DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

Real Name:

E-Mail Address:

Magicstar IRC NickName:


Server Information

CURRENT Server Address: (EX.

Name the ports that your Server Has (name only 3 ports please): & &

Servers Physical Location:

What Program does your server use (EX. wIRCD):

What Does it Run on?: UNIX Linux FreeBSD Other

If other Please Specify:

Is your Server 24/7: Yes No

Server Connection:

Current Average of Users (approx.):

Please Give Some Information on the Machine (i.e. Processor, RAM, etc.):

Please Explain Your Experience and Knowledge on being IRCops/Server Admin & OS Selected Above:

List Any Current IRCops for your server, and their e-mail address:

Any Comments You May Have:

Have you been a MagicStar user for 30 days?
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Terms, Conditions, and Rules regarding server linking to MagicStar IRC Network

Terms, Conditions, and Rules regarding server linking
to MagicStar IRC Network

All servers planning to link, or planning to be submitted for approval MUST adhere to the following:
  1. The server must be 24/7 (up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Any downtime must be for a valid reason and should be confirmed before any such downtime occurs.
  2. The server must have an outgoing internet connection of at least 10Mbps, and a T1 or higher is recommended.
  3. The server must be assigned a static IP address, which is an address which is assigned to just one computer and will remain the same even if the connection to the internet is lost. If you don't know what one is, you probably don't have one.
  4. The server must be able to run the latest version of the Unreal IRCD software, and must be able to switch to MagicStar's IRCD version if approved.
  5. The server must be running a variant of Unix (including Linux) Windows is not supported by our IRCD. Unix/Linux is prefered as they provide more security and stability, so if possible switch your system over before you apply.
  6. The servers security must be restricted so that only the admin of the IRC server, and the admin of the machine have access to the IRC configuration files. This is very important, and insecure machines will not be approved.
  7. The server must have port 6667 available, with 7000 and another linking port being optional but recommended. The computer that the server is on must be able to support a minimum of 50 similtaneous IRC connections.
  8. The admin of the server must have basic IRCD knowledge, or be willing to give access to the server to a current MagicStar admin.
  9. The admin MUST be an active MagicStar user for the past 30 days prior to submitting the application. We do extensive research on this, and if you do not qualify, your application will not be voted on.
  10. The admin or any current IRCops must be in good standing with MagicStar, or must be removed prior to application.
  11. The admin is entitled to bring as many current IRCops along as he/she wishes, but any new IRCops will be handled by the staff in the usual way.
  12. The current server rules and policies must agree with MagicStar's, or must be changed prior to linking. All current users must be notified of the policy changes in advance. For a list of MagicStar's rules, visit
  13. Any IRC services that the server may have, including but not limited to: Chanserv, Nickserv, Memoserv, or Operserv, must be shutdown prior to linkage. Any information in the services databases will not be combined with MagicStar's current information, nor will seperate services be allowed.
  14. The standard server application is for 1 server, not a network of servers. If your network has rules similar to MagicStar's and you would like us to consider a merger, visit #magicstar on and visit with us, or e-mail , and we will look into the matter.
  15. We have been notified that @home services do not allow servers on their network. We will NOT accept any @home servers, unless we receive permission from @home themselvesr, and we will check on it.

Do you agree to, and have met, all the terms of the agreement?
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