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These rules are not only to protect yourself, but to protect others! If you fail to follow hese rules, you may be kicked-killed-akilled from a channel, or the network. Please study each of these carefully, and why we make it a rule.

Rules Update: (10/28/00)


While using this service in any way, shape, or form you hereby acknowledge that MagicStar does not actively monitor all content within its servers, and you hereby release MagicStar IRC Network, its administration, and its upstream providers, of liability. However, you, as the user, are responsible for what you send and receive over IRC and DCC.
MagicStar forbids users to create or join channels that are related to sex, or to the creation or distribution of illegally pirated software (warez). Any user may be banned from a server or the network for any legitimate reason, following warning(s) if possible.

Audio Files

Audio files may be played to any channel or privately to any user. "Playing" of an audio file usually involves a CTCP message or standard PRIVMSG containing the file's name and optional text. Audio files may also be traded by scripts that use "!nick filename.ext" and other triggers that send the user the file requested. Regardless of the audio file type, MagicStar is not responsible for the legality of the file. With respects to playing, the user is only sending the file's name which does not jeapordize MagicStar in any way, because the file does not pass through the server itself.

File Servers

A file server is defined as an automated offering system for files. The most common type is a DCC based file server; however others include XDCC type file offer clients. A "!nick filename.ext" request is not considered a file server. DCC and XDCC file services are not permitted on MagicStar.

Respect Privacy & Age

There are many people of different ages at the MagicStar Network. Just because a person is 11,12,13, etc. Doesn't mean you have to treat them like kids. Most kids here have a amazing maturity rate, so please respect as you do us. If a person doesn't want to talk to you, please respect that. They just want privacy. If any of these two rules are broken it is usually as minor as getting banned from a channel or a verbal warning. But can get serious enough to get K-Lined from a Server.

No Flooding

Flooding is when a user sends alot of information (useless) that goes to other IRC Clients. When a user sends alot of information in a short period of time, this can lock up other peoples clients, so we ask you not to do it. Sometimes its an accident (ex. when your excited) and we understand that, and we can tell if it is. But if it is not the offense is ysually serious, you can be kicked from the channel and banned, or be K-Lined from a server. It can be serious enough from a AKILL from the entire Network.

No Unauthorized Bots

Bots are a great tool for IRC. But since there are a few bots out there mean't for war, we cant allow any until they are checked by our Bot Admin (bots). When he/she sees your bot is safe, he/she will allow it on the network. If this rule is broken it will usually result in a KILL, then a K-Line of the bot, and the owner of it. Visit the bot section for information on registering a bot.

No Warez

We cant stress this enough... NO WAREZ! Warez is illegal, and many people do it. In order to keep our network safe, and in order we ask you not to do it. A few other IRC networks allowed this and were shutdown by the government. If caught the channel you are in will be Forbidden, and you will be Killed, if you do it again, it is an AKILL from the network.

No Porn

Since there are alot of Minors here at the Magicstar Network, we ask you for No Porn. This is because we want to be a family network not a adult network. If you are caught the channel you are in will be forbidden, and you will be killed. If you do it again you will be AKILL from the network. If your are caught with child porn you will be turned in to the authorities.

No CyberSex

CyberSex is not allowed! MagicStar is a family network, and cybersex is not tolerated!

No Swearing in Network Channels

Some people don't like swearing, so we banned it from our Network Channels. You can still swear just not in #MagicStar, or any other network channels. If you break this rule you will be kicked and banned from the network.

No Advertising

Please don't advertise other IRC networks... We don't do it on other networks, so please don't do it on ours. We also don't allow any advertising, and mass advertising will get you an AKILL pronto. You can tell a friend or a group of people about a website or whatnot, but there is a big difference between that and advertising.

No Threatening

If one of our Operators are threatened with bodily harm, we automatically contact your Internet Service Provider, and notify the local authorities. We find this serious because our operators are like family to each other. Your threat is then logged, and can be used in the court of law.

No Harassing

Harassment is dealt with harshly on our network. Harassment is as annoying as advertising. We don't have set definitions for harassment, but we do make every attempt to warn the person BEFORE any steps are taken.


Legal MP3's are now allowed. The administration is not going to be looking for illegal files, but if we do find them, or get a complaint about them, the offender will be warned, then killed/akilled. Enjoy your music!

These rules are meant to protect everyone, and to keep them out of harms way and let people enjoy the network. If you have any questions or would like to see something become a rule please join the channel #MagicStar or e-mail ircops -at- magicstar -dot- net and tell us!