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Bot Policies

MagicStar Bot Policies
If any bots are in violation please report them to bots -at- magicstar -dot- net

Policy violations can and will result in being banned from the MagicStar Network without warning.

Each user is allowed only one bot per hostname. Any more will result in your bot license being revoked and may result in you being banned from the network.

Only friendly bots are permitted, no War or Flood bots.

If there is more than 1 bot in a channel at any given time, each separate bot must have a separate purpose.

Each bot is required to show its Registration Number at all times. This can be done by inserting the Registration Number given to you by us into the Name Field of your IRC client. Without this number you will be instantly kicked and possibly banned from the network.

Each bot owner is subject to any questions the administrators of the MagicStar Network may have. These questions will not be abusive and will be primarily for MagicStar Administration to consult bot owners with any problems that may occur.

MagicStar Network Bot Administrator
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