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All command are in the form of /msg chanserv <command> <parameters>. Where <command> is one of the following:


REGISTER <channel> <password> <Description>

You must have your nickname registered, be in the channel, and be opped (@).

This is used to inform chanserv that the channel names is to be registered in it's databases.  The <Channel> must be in the form of #channelname, with the '#' being required.  The password is the founder (the person registering) access password.  As founder you can set many different options.  The description is a short message (displayed when someone uses the LIST command) describing what the channel is about.

Once registered, you should add yourself to the access list. If you don't, then you will have to identify to chanserv every time you enter the channel.

IDENTIFY <Channel> <Password>

This command allows the user to identify his/herself as the channel founder for the purpose of using the other command options.

SET <option> <Parameters>

This command allows a variety of other things to be set for a channel such as:

FOUNDER <nick>
Set the founder of a channel
PASSWORD <password>
Set the founder password
DESC <text>
Set the channel description. This information only shows up in the INFO information.
URL <address to web page|none>
Set/reset/remove the URL for channel information
EMAIL <Email address>
Associate an E-mail address with the channel
Set a message to be sent to users when they enter the channel
TOPIC <text>
Change the topic on a channel
Retain topic when channel is not in use
Topic can only be changed with SET TOPIC
MLOCK <modes>
Lock channel modes on or off. You must specify ALL the modes that you want to set. This will override any previously set modes.
PRIVATE <on|off>
Hide channel from ChanServ lists
Restricts access to channel
Activate ChanServ security features
Stricter control of chanop status

ACCESS <Channel> <add|Del|List> [<nick>] [<level>]

Allows you add, delete, or list those already added for the purposes privilages and abilities in the channel. See Level for more information about levels

Add <nick> <level>
Add a use to the access list with a specific level
Del <nick|number>
Remove a user from the access list
List [Search mask]
list users on the access list

LEVELS <Channel> <option> <paramaters>

The LEVELS command allows fine control over the meaning of the numeric access levels used for channels. With this command, you can define the access level required for most of ChanServ's functions. (The SET FOUNDER and SET PASSWORD commands, as well as this command, are always restricted to the channel founder.)

SET type level
allows the access level for a function or group of functions to be changed.
{DIS | DISABLE} type
disables an automatic feature or disallows access to a function by anyone other than the channel founder.
shows the current levels for each function or group of functions.
resets the levels to the default levels of a newly-created channel (see ACCESS LEVELS).

AKICK <Channel> <nick|nickMask> <reason>

Maintains the AutoKick list for a channel. If a user on the AutoKick list attempts to join the channel, ChanServ will ban that user from the channel, then kick the user.

ADD mask [reason]
The AKICK ADD command adds the given nick or usermask to the AutoKick list. If a reason is given with the command, that reason will be used when the user is kicked; if not, the default reason is "You have been banned from the channel".
DEL mask
The AKICK DEL command removes the given nick or mask from the AutoKick list. It does not, however, remove any bans placed by an AutoKick; those must be removed manually.
LIST [mask]
The AKICK LIST command displays the AutoKick list, or optionally only those AutoKick entries which match the given mask.

DROP <Channel> <Password>

This allows you to unregister a channel you no longer will be using.

INFO <Channel>

Displays the public information about a channel.

LIST <Channel Search Pattern>

List the currently resgistered channels based upon the searchpattern. Wildcards are allowed.

INVITE <channel> <nick> [<Message>]

Allows a person to send an invitation to join the channel to another user.

OP <Channel> <Nick>

Depending upon the other setting in the channel, it allows you to force chanserv to give someone channel operator status in a channel.

DEOP <Channel> <Nick>

Depending upon the other setting in the channel, it allows you to force chanserv to remove someone's channel operator status in a channel.

UNBAN <channel> <Nick|NickMask>

This is the command that removes someone from the ban list. See ban, in your client help files, for more details.

CLEAR <Channel> <options>

Tells ChanServ to clear certain settings on a channel. The settings can be any of the following:

Resets all modes on the channel (i.e. clears modes i,k,l,m,n,p,s,t).
Clears all bans on the channel.
Removes channel-operator status (mode +o) from all channel operators.
Removes "voice" status (mode +v) from anyone with that mode set.
Removes (kicks) all users from the channel.

VOICE <Channel> <Nick>

Depending upon the other setting in the channel, it allows you to force chanserv to give someone channel speaking abaility in a channel.

DEVOICE <Channel> <Nick>

Depending upon the other setting in the channel, it allows you to force chanserv to remove someone's channel speaking abaility in a channel.


The following feature/function names are understood. Note that the levels for AUTODEOP and NOJOIN are maximum levels, while all others are minimum levels. Value in () are default settings. (F) is FOUNDER only.

Automatic channel operator status
Automatic mode +v
Channel operator status disallowed
Not allowed to join channel if RESTRICTED
Allowed to use INVITE command
AKICK (10)
Allowed to use AKICK command
Allowed to use SET command (not FOUNDER or PASSWORD)
Allowed to use CLEAR command
Allowed to use UNBAN command
Allowed to use OP/DEOP commands
Allowed to use ACCESS command
Allowed to send/read/delete channel memos

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